How do I buy Precious Stones ?

Is there more to precious stones than being the perfect way to display your wealth, power and status? Should you invest in precious stones? Why not, but after you understand some key issues with regard to such investments.

Know your stone: Each type of stone has its own measures of quality. For instance, it’s important to know that a diamond has its 4 Cs (cut, clarity, carat and color), that the best rubies come from Myanmar and that red and pink are the rarest colors for a topaz.

Buy The Very Best: Browse through comprehensive information on precious stones and buy the best you can find. Choose carefully among the various shapes and sizes, and hues and tones of the various precious stones. Ensure you get a guarantee on your purchase as well. Good stones will come with their certificates of origin so you can tell where they have come from.

Consult A Gemologist: You must be very cautious while buying gemstones and it’s always best to consult a good gemologist whom you can trust completely to guide you through the purchase of precious stones. How do you know who to trust? Well it would be best to go through someone who has used him/her before or else to check their credentials. A gemologist from any of the major institutes will have these letters on his name-board: GG, FGA, FGG, AG (CIG), FCGmA, FGAA or FGG.

Precious Stones

Be Patient And Look Around: The very best precious stones are hard to find and it will take you a while before you find the very best deals. Don’t rush and make purchases in haste.

Buy precious gems only from professionals who answer all your queries in a simple, clear and proficient manner. Finally, take good care of the precious stones you have purchased and remember what applies to your stocks applies to gems as well- Buy Low and Sell High!

Have you found success investing in precious stones?

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