How to send voice messages over WhatsApp without pushing buttons?

For many users, it may be annoying to have to hold down a button to send a voice message through WhatsApp, but that will no longer be necessary.
Thanks to a new update of the instant messaging application, those with Android will be able to download a new update – although for now, it is only a trial version – where they will not have to keep the button pressed while they record the message.
How to send audios without pressing the button?
1. Open the conversation with the person to whom you want to send the audio
2. Click on the “Attach” icon
3. Select the “Audio”
4. A window will open through which you can send a song or “Record with WhatsApp”
5. I chose the second one and recorded the message that should have a maximum duration of 15 minutes
6. When you finish, touch the “Stop” and “Send” button. In addition, there is also something new since this option will allow you to listen to the audio before sending it, something that until now could not and was sent automatically.

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