They emphasize the good moment for the cattle ranch and the investment climate

BALCARCE.- Yesterday was officially inaugurated LA NACION Ganadera, the sample for the sector where 600 animals of the breeds Angus, Hereford, Shorthorn, Limousin, and Limangus participate.

On the second day, the exhibition, which began the day before yesterday and ends tomorrow, took place between the auction, jura and technical talks. The exhibition, organized by the newspaper LA NACION, has the support of the National Institute of Agricultural Technology (INTA) and the Ministry of Agroindustry of the Nation.

Among others, in the inaugural act were Leonardo Sarquís, minister of Agro-industry of Buenos Aires; Amadeo Nicora, President of INTA; José Claudio Escribano, board member of LA NACION, and the president of the Argentine Rural Society (SRA), Luis Miguel Etchevehere. In addition, they attended the intendant of Balcarce, Esteban Kingdom, and leaders of the five livestock associations.

Sarquís stressed that livestock was always “a sector that pushes”. He explained that “the bovine herd has grown 4% in the country in the last year, and in the province of Buenos Aires we had an 8% more retention of bellies.” He also announced that in about six months they will create a single window (a single document) to obtain guides from their portfolio.

In the opening ceremony was present the issue of floods that affect the producers. “This is how it happens,” said Escribano in his speech, “between conflicting chances, the lives of agricultural producers, permanent subjects of the benefits and catastrophes of nature, which in its final balance grants sustainability to what they do. in their unshakable faith in the countryside, they pay the consequences of the deities, malpractice and corruption that has been installed for long periods in the administration of public resources, diverting them from their due and efficient destinies. ”

Situation of the sector

According to Sarquís, in the province of Buenos Aires they stopped planting 230,000 hectares with the cultivation of wheat, although there could be compensation with some regions.

“I am not going to talk about losses, but hectares that were not planted, but in the Southeast and Southwest this year increased 6% and, perhaps, yields in these regions can compensate for the loss of hectares in other areas,” said the official.

Producers can observe the genetics of the exhibit huts and visit the stands of commercial firms, machinery companies and banks.

Among other activities, talks were organized yesterday with technicians who spoke about various topics of livestock. Meanwhile, the journalist from LA NACION Hugo Alconada Mon gave a dissertation. Over the sample, more than 120 students from agrarian schools in the province of Buenos Aires also passed.

The exhibition highlights the moment of the sector. According to Oscar Luchessi, curator general of the sample, “never stopped investing in livestock.”

“At the global level, the sector has to return to quality markets and need heavier steers to supply the domestic market. To recover the stock of lost heads, it is important that the producer re-entrusts and bets on livestock,” he said.

Among other activities, in LA NACION Ganadera today will be the auction of Angus and will continue the talks provided by INTA experts. Tomorrow, on the last day of the show, will be the auctions of the Hereford, Shorthorn, Limousin and Limangus breeds.

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