Education infrastructure sector an opportunity for realtors: Survey

According to a finding of a survey Indian education sector is limping due to lack of quality infrastructure and has become a key focus area of Indian government. Thus it presents an opportunity for the realtors.


Populaton of India is estimated to be around 1.2 billion and there are around 144 million prospects for higher education. The figures have made India a hot market globally.


“The quantum of physical infrastructure and real estate development required to address the aspiration of GER (gross enrolment ratio) enrolment is a Herculean task and cannot be achieved by government or education institute operators alone.

“This provides significant opportunities for real estate developers for creating physical infrastructure in the education landscape,” DTZ India co-head for investment advisory Anuj Nangpal said in a survey.


“In addition to education institutes, the education landscape also provides significant opportunities for developing ancillary support services and thereby providing additional revenue generations avenues for a realty players,” he said.

Additional revenues can be generated by providing amenities like hostels and staff-housing, recreation facilities and play areas apart from retail and entertainment space, Nangpal said.


“The education sector provides realtors with an opportunity to diversify into non-core business which is largely insulated from economic performance of the marketplace,” he said.

Developers, including Mantri Developers, Prestige Group, Salapuria  among others, have already ventured into higher education sector in the recent past, the report said.


Higher education sector is expected to grow at an accelerated pace in the near future.

According to the survey, nearly 5,550 million sq ft of real estate demand would arise from the higher education sector to achieve a GER ratio of 30 per cent by 2020, which at present is at a low 12 per cent, which is less than half global average of 26 per cent?


Source – Agencies