Rs 2,700 Android smartphone by Google

Smartphone’s are selling like hot cakes and the search engine gnat’ Google’ in contemplating of manufacturing Android smartphones for a price that can give other players a run for their money.

The cost-effective handsets with web browsing will increase mobile-based internet penetration.

Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman of search engine giant Google, said that a basic smartphone with little over a web browser and web-client applications could be a reality, and can come with a price tag of Rs 2,700 (approximately USD 50). He did acknowledge that Google has always encouraged phone making companies to manufacture cheaper handsets, but refused to divulge any details on the chance of developing such a smartphone.

Emphasising on the growth in smartphone usage and mobile computing, he said businesses should have their best developers working on their mobile applications.

“As smartphones are growing, mobile apps are also going to be a big thing and no company can ignore that,” he said.

Schmidt, who has previously worked with Novell and Sun Microsystems, said that Android will be a major player in the mobile phone market.

“Android is going to be the majority player in the market. It supports a lot of devices and is a great platform,” he added.

Source – Zee News