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Things to look before taking a home loan

A shelter is what we all look for. Buying a home is the dream which all us cherish. So when you have taken the decision of owing one,  and is about to apply for home loan and paying your processing fee, make sure you analyze the following aspects:   Maximum loan eligibility: Home loan lenders generally […]

Why banks reject home loan proposal?

The home loan proposal can be rejected by the banks if one meets any of the below mentioned criteria. Job stability is of great importance Bank evaluates loan pay back ability of an individual. So job stability is the prime concern for most of the banks. Frequent job hops may give an impression about you […]

Credit score will get you loan at cheaper rate

The financial credit rating, Cibil (Credit Information Bureau (India) Ltd), which collects the data and maintains the record of the financial borrowers, has permitted individuals to access credit scores for a fee of Rs. 450, giving them a bargaining chip for cheaper loans. As per the report in the livemint, the Cibil TransUnion Score is a […]

Bounced cheque may lead to the closure of your bank account

Take extra caution before writing a cheque. Country’s largest money lender State Bank of India (SBI), is planning to close the account of those customers who release a cheque without adequate fund in their account. SBI believes that this step will reduce the bounced cheque issue. This is the step, which other banks may also […]

How many credit cards should you have?

Often you find yourself sifting through your wallet and finding too many credit cards. Though it is not possible to come up with an exact number of credit cards one should have, a safe bet would to see that you have only those many cards which you can manage responsibly and which will not affect […]