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Indian tops the first time property buyers list in Dubai

While Dubai remains a hot and one of the favourite destinations of Bollywood. It has definitely fascinated other strata of India as well.. As per the Dubai real estate data, No other national has purchased property to the tune Indains have in 2011. Indians have topped the list of first-time property buyers in Dubai in […]

Types of Mutual Funds

Wide variety of Mutual Fund Schemes exist to cater to the needs such as financial position, risk tolerance and return expectations etc. The table below gives an overview into the existing types of schemes in the Industry.

By Structure
Open – Ended Schemes
Close – Ended Schemes
Interval Schemes

By Investment Objective
Growth Schemes
Income Schemes
Balanced Schemes
Money Market Schemes

Other Schemes
Tax Saving Schemes
Special Schemes
Index Schemes
Sector Specfic Schemes