What Is Debtor Tracing and Data Cleansing?

What is Tracing? Tracing is the skilled profession of tracking debtors. It’s only natural that people and businesses move around, leaving outstanding debt in their wake. The industry often defines these people as ‘gone aways’, moving without any notification leading to a breakdown in communication. Gone aways have a significant impact on many businesses. It’s … Read more

Remove Inquiries from Credit Report

Since the Fair Credit Reporting Act allows only authorized inquiries to appear in a consumer credit report, consumer can remove inquiries from a credit report.  To remove inquires from a credit report a consumer should first be fully aware of the credit inquiry and credit score process. According to the Fair Credit Reporting Act, businesses … Read more

No Credit or Credit Score Same as Bad Credit

Good credit and a good credit score is an important facet of our lives whether it is used to buy a house, for employment screening, purchasing insurance or a whole host of other activities that often require a good credit history.  For some consumers though, credit is a burden and they prefer to exercise their … Read more

Managing Money and Credit

Learning how to manage money the right way is an important step for individuals to take toward controlling their financial position.  Understanding where your money is coming from and where it’s going to, not only helps to manage a household budget but can make sure that an individual’s credit remains good as well as helping … Read more

How To Interpret The Credit Card Process

The existence of business transactions has actually adopted a drastic modification. With the launching of data technology to just about all commercial enterprises today it has produced a greater progression in the procedure of arriving at business proceedings much more easier for almost all companies involved with the function. Substantially, with so much easiness, some … Read more

Choosing the Best Consumer Credit Card

Aren’t all credit cards the same? The truth is that they are not. To make the assertion that they are is akin to saying that a rock and a bullet are the same thing. Consumer credit cards vary quite a bit from one to another and their differing terms and conditions can either save or … Read more

Is Debt Consolidation Worth The Effort?

Debt consolidation is the act of combining different loans (they may be of different types, with different balances, from different banks, with different terms, and with different Annual Percentage Rates or APR) into a single loan. This necessitates applying for a new loan, using the credit or the funds obtained to pay off the existing … Read more